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Diversity & Inclusiveness At Mcdonough Law

From our Colorado offices, McDonough Law is proud of its diverse and family-friendly team atmosphere. The firm has been client-oriented since day one and its inclusive legal teams collaborate to provide the best result possible in every matter that we work on.

A Small Law Firm Can Make A Big Difference

At McDonough Law, we believe in supporting the diverse communities that we work and live in. The firm is woman-owned and operated and is committed to creating a diverse culture of inclusion.

We focus on three strategic areas to make diversity and inclusion a fundamental part of our Colorado and Wyoming business law practice. By being mindful of our hiring processes, creating a more flexible and cohesive interpersonal networking system, and putting key processes in place to support small businesses, we intend to foster lasting change in our firm and in our community.

Diversity & Inclusivity Initiatives

Expanded Legal Talent Pool
McDonough Law engages in best practices for identifying and accommodating exemplary lawyer and staff applicants from all walks of life including diversity in age, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation.

Increased Community Interaction
McDonough law supports key minority organizations, such as the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, that are designed to facilitate connection with a diverse group of participants.

Vendor Diversity
McDonough Law is a small and locally owned business. The firm seeks out diversity in its vendors and creates opportunities to partner with small businesses when possible. To this end, McDonough Law proudly supports local, minority-owned, and veteran-owned businesses in the Colorado community and beyond.

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