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Business Legal Audit

The Colorado and Wyoming corporate attorneys of McDonough Law LLC help business owners keep their legal documents up-to-date with business legal audits also, known as a business stress test. From your annual meeting minutes to your contracts, we go through every document of your business to find the “blind spots” that leave your company vulnerable.

Is Your Business At Risk?

McDonough Law protects our corporate clients through business legal audits. Unfortunately, lawsuits are common for corporations of all sizes. Legal issues related to employees and breach of contract are commonplace in all industries. Many business owners are late to realize that oftentimes lawsuits and legal problems are preventable or minimized with proactive maintenance of your corporate documents. 

Denver Corporate Law Attorney Consultation 

Every company has vulnerabilities. Keep your company healthy with an in-depth business stress test.

Our streamlined process is easy and begins with a telephone call to schedule your meeting with one of our lawyers for a free 1-hour in-person consultation. Following our free 1-hour initial meeting, the McDonough Law LLC team provides a personalized audit plan for your business based on our findings and your goals.

What is a Colorado Business Stress Test?

McDonough Law LLC’s review of legal documents by a licensed, experienced corporate attorney is a unique offering in Colorado and Wyoming corporate law.  Subject to the terms of your engagement with the firm, our hands-on legal examination may include a review of corporate documents such as the following:

  • Contract Review (insurance, vendor, leases, etc.)
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employment Agreements
  • Formation Documents
  • Insurance Policies
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Title IX and Sexual Harassment Liability Policy Audit (#MeToo)

Business Legal Audit & Business Legal Stress Test Disclaimer

McDonough Law LLC disclaims any and all liability with respect to actions taken or not taken with a business legal audit also known as a business legal stress test. Furthermore, the business legal audit services of McDonough Law LLC are in no way a guarantee that a business will not be sued or that all risk and liability of a corporation will be eliminated.

Call the corporate law attorneys at McDonough Law LLC at (970) 776-3311 to schedule your free 1-hour in-person business law consultation today!